Top 10 Architectural Engineering Schools

When it comes to finding a job as an architectural engineer, graduating from the right school can make all the difference. The top 10 architectural engineering schools in the United States are:

Princeton University

Located in Princeton, New Jersey, this school is considered one of the elite Ivy League colleges in the United States. This school offers two different areas of focus with the architectural engineering program. A focus on structures prepares students to design towers and bridges, while an architectural focus prepares them to design buildings.

Harvard University

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Students here can also major in landscape architecture. Students can obtain a Bachelorís, Masterís or Doctorate degree in architectural engineering here.

Yale University

This college offers a dual major in mechanical engineering and a Masterís in Business Administration (MBA). There is only one campus, which is found in New Haven, Connecticut.

Stanford University

Located in Stanford, California, this University regularly recognizes graduates who have made a significant impact in the world of engineering. Students can specialize in environmental or civil engineering within the architectural engineering program.

Columbia University

Situated in New York City, this university offers graduate programs and also hosts seminars for industry leaders on a regular basis. Those who are seeking a PhD can specialize in urban planning or architectural history.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This college is also located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT offers academic programs in architectural engineering up to the Masterís degree level. Research is heavily stressed at this college.

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is also highly focused on research and mentoring. The staff to student ratio here is 3:1, and research professionals employed by this school number more than 600. Small class sizes are offered here, as total student enrollment is only 2,231. The college is located in Pasadena, California.

California Polytechnic State University

Found in San Luis, California, this university offers both Bachelorís and Masterís degree programs. This college has been ranked sixth in its region by US News and World Report. Graduation requirements include practical labs, hands-on experience, and research projects.

Illinois Institute of Technology

This is a private college with a relatively small student population located in Chicago, Illinois. Student to faculty ratio is only 10:1, and this college offers both Bachelorís and Masterís degree programs. This school is also able to boast that it has a 100% placement rate among all graduates of its architectural engineering program.

Drexel University

As the pride of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this school offers combined departments in civil, architectural, and environmental engineering. Great emphasis is placed on practical experience, with a number of co-ops taking place each year. Graduate and undergraduate programs are both available here.

Top architectural engineering colleges are located throughout the country, so students do not necessarily have to travel far in order to attend one. These schools have strict admission requirements, so those who wish to attend one of these colleges should prepare themselves to work hard while in high school in order to be accepted.

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